In-house legal department – Binder as a secure information sharing platform and deal rooms

A major corporation’ in-house legal department uses Binder to provide essential information to external service providers and set up transaction and deal rooms.

Delivering in-house legal services means that you have to deal with an extensive range of external service providers from external lawyers, bankers, financial advisers, to other law firms, accounting firms as well as joint venturers and third parties involved with your company in a range of roles. This can be difficult while maintain strict IT security through a locked down IT operating environment.

Using Binder the department is able to ensure control over their information while using the Control Panel to set up access rights and privileges to internal and external users. Binders light weight Browser design allows access even with the most stringent corporate firewall. Using the enhanced features provided setting up and populating deal or transaction rooms is quick and efficient. The Binder site is run by the department’s administrative staff without having to take any IT support resources.