Binder can suit any size and shape of business, from small teams to 100+ person organisations, law firms to engineering teams. Here are a few of our happy clients.



Andrew Churchill - CEO, Broadley Rees Hogan

“Broadley Rees Hogan uses Binder to create secure, branded “project rooms” for their major property development clients. 

Binder enables Broadley Rees Hogan to provide our clients with the right information whenever and wherever it is needed.  The ability to maintain control of the project information while at the same time having it always available to our clients in a secure and privacy compliant manner is important in Broadley Rees Hogan’s customer service.”


Michael Bowers - CHIEF OPERATING Officer, Sentinel Property Group

“At Sentinel we acquire large commercial, industrial or retail properties on behalf of our Investors. This involves reviewing lots of documents and dealing with a wide range of consultants, agents, bankers and other key decision makers.  It is important as we are making multi-million dollar decisions within relatively short time frames.

We used other systems but we changed to Binder as we wanted its security and ease of operation.  It works for us and we highly recommend it."


Bernadette Jew -  Partner, Gilbert + Tobin

“It was the first time I have used Binder in a transaction. My team found it very easy to use by having the information available to the relevant party when needed. It assisted in the negotiations and documentation development as the transaction progressed. The fact that all of my clients information remains within Australia provides reassurance for my clients.”

Binder provided the “deal room” in recent transactions involving the technology practice group of Gilbert & Tobin. Representing a major telecommunication provider, the transaction involved the co-ordination of a range of advisors and technical specialists involved in different aspects of the negotiations, technical, due diligence and legal drafting. The use of Binder's version control saved time and the use of quick links meant that large files could be sent easily.

The information management provided by Binder ensured that the right information was available to the appropriate parties while maintaining confidentiality and privacy between the parties and their respective advisors.


Bridget KirkHam - CEO, Medical Software Industry association (MSIA)

Bridget has to organise quarterly “face to face” Board meetings, monthly tele-conference meetings, and annual meetings and industry conferences. The Association has no office and a highly mobile committee who are quite often in airports when they are doing their work.

With email as her central communication tool, Bridget was finding her days were spent in an endless circle of emails and phone calls. Bridget needed a way to manage her Board papers and meeting minutes, publish a daily bulletin and industry updates and deliver material to members.

“Committee meetings go much more smoothly because we don’t waste any time looking for documents”. “Binder has become our ‘point of truth’.” Performance features in Binder meant that dealing with big documents, easily 1000 pages long, is easy and fast. “The days of zipping and unzipping are gone.” 

“I like the fact that we can access our files from anywhere, anytime.”

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