How Binder is being used.

As an Information Logistic Platform Binder is designed for individuals and all organisations and institutions to manage how their information is best used. 

Binder is not a single purpose or specifically tailored “shrink wrapped” solution into which a user has to “fit” but a platform that allows the user to manage its information to meet a need or resolve a specific problem by matching its information management to its business model.

This is best shown by seeing how some users and using Binder.

International Energy Company – Binder as a Board Portal.

A major resource corporation wanted a secure way to distribute Board Papers to its Board Members, safely store Board Minutes and associated Board resources while at the same time have the material available at all times to the individual Directors.

The company used Binder to set up a Board Binder Site specifically for their Board of Directors ensuring separation and security from the rest of the Companies information and protecting against unauthorised access. Using Binder Quicklinks they password protect and distribute the Board Papers while also retaining centrally stored Papers for remote access by Board members.

Minutes are also stored on the Board site together with sub-committee minutes and agendas.

All information is remotely available only to the Board of Directors and the site and its permissions are administered by the Company Secretary ensuring the confidentiality of the material. Using the Control Panel the Company Secretary is able to ensure the access protocol are met and review access and use of the material at all times.

Property Developer – binder as a server replacement

A successful city retail property developer / owner needed a central information system to replace its aging server infrastructure. 

Using Binder as its file storage and distribution platform they were able to quickly set up a platform which provided all employees with the level of information needed to undertake their roles. The employees were able to access all the information remotely, work and store the material in Binder while maintaining data integrity through the binder version history and role based permission settings.

The Control Panel allow the company manager to ensure that all contractors and service providers access the information relevant to their work responsibilities while retaining confidentiality of the owners and customers personal and financial information.

Law Firm- Binder as a Client Portal

A successful CBD Law firm are using Binder to provide a service to their property developer clients.

They use a Binder Site for each development, branded with the Law Firms logo and colours they make the latest versions of a range of reports, contracts and project specific material securely available to their Clients.

The Clients agents operate throughout Australia and Asia and have available to them the assured latest version of all material relevant to their specific project. This means that the material they provide to potential buyers or agreements they have signed are correct and represent the latest version.

The professional appearance of the individually branded Binder site, the time saved in information distribution and the reduction of mistakes and costs of rectification of errors has added value to the Client service delivered by the lawyers.

In-house legal department – Binder as a secure information sharing platform and deal rooms

A major corporation’ in-house legal department uses Binder to provide essential information to external service providers and set up transaction and deal rooms.

Delivering in-house legal services means that you have to deal with an extensive range of external service providers from external lawyers, bankers, financial advisers, to other law firms, accounting firms as well as joint venturers and third parties involved with your company in a range of roles. This can be difficult while maintain strict IT security through a locked down IT operating environment.

Using Binder the department is able to ensure control over their information while using the Control Panel to set up access rights and privileges to internal and external users. Binders light weight Browser design allows access even with the most stringent corporate firewall. Using the enhanced features provided setting up and populating deal or transaction rooms is quick and efficient. The Binder site is run by the department’s administrative staff without having to take any IT support resources. 

Boutique Law Firm Binder as a whole of business solution

A successful partner in a large firm left to pursue a specialised area of practice and wanted to maintain the image of a highly professional adviser and have remote access both for her lawyers but also secure access for her clients to their own information.

Using Binder as a platform the law firm runs all their legal matters on line allowing access to their lawyers at all time through their own branded Binder Site. The lawyers work on their files on the Binder platform maintaining version integrity through workflow tools and controlled access to their Clients by permission settings in the Control Panel.

Sensitive information is also restricted access to the firm owner and her financial advisers by utilising the settings in the Role Based permissions in the Control Panel. The owner is able to review and audit access and permissions allowing control and certainty in maintain the confidentiality of her client’s information.

Industry Association – Binder as a Membership Portal

A membership association with membership in the hundreds needed a method of providing its members with industry research material and other member services as well as managing its Board and Committee meetings.

Using a branded Binder site with member log-ins it secures access to its research and Industry materials to members only. Creates specific secure areas for its Board and sub-committees as well as a work area for the Executive office and the President to share and jointly work on policy papers, Government submissions and confidential industry briefing documents.

Government Department – Binder managing secure information exchange with external Contractors

Managing information availability to a large number of contractors providing a range of services to the department without creating potential security issues and third party access to confidential departmental information was a major issue while operating in a strict SOE administered by central IT section.

Using a Binder Site, branded with the Departments contractor Site the Control Panel allowed the Contractors permission to be set with duration/expiry periods ensuring that there was no likelihood of set and forget for contractor’s access rights – previously a major area of potential security risk.

The control panel also allowed specific roles to be given pre-set access to information and the audit function allowed for easy review of current permissions, usage and actual access history. The workflow function provided for joint development of documents and setting a read only library of procedures and processes for Contractors.

Government Legal Department – Binder Information Sharing within strict Firewall settings

Providing legal services to a range of Government departments this large State Based Legal Department found that the strict rules and permissions imposed by a centrally governed IT Department made it impossible for them to securely share information with their external legal advisers, lawyers representing other parties and a range of professional advisers essential for them to effectively operate. 

The nature of the information also meant that they had to ensure that it remained within the Australian Jurisdiction and was not subject to foreign laws. Binder was able to guarantee jurisdictional storage reinforced through its Privacy settings.

Another issue was the size of the typical legal file – often making delivery by email impossible.

Using Binder the department uses a combination of password protected QuickLinks for securely sending large files and a Branded Binder Site for securely working with its external advisers.

The web based application presented no issue for their firewall and they are now moving to the lightweight desktop advanced feature applications to gain even more utility for their Binder Site.