Binder ensures that your information is securely stored, backed up and available to the account holder when and where required as long as you have access to an internet connection.

Q. How does Binder ensure that my files are not lost and are available for me to access when I need them?

A. The Binder service in each region will be hosted on a hybrid server network. For the current Australian Region - servers are located within the Equinix Data Centre, Botany, Sydney, and within Binder's own infrastructure in the Pipe Data Centre in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, providing a robust platform for the Binder application.

As other regions are available users will be given the option to select the location that they wish their files to be stored to meet their own Privacy obligations and business requirements. In each case a similar level of redundancy will ensure Binder availability. 

Built in redundancy means that the probability of losing a file is practically zero and our data storage service supports 99.9% up-time.