Data Location

We provide you with the ability to control the jurisdiction in which User Data is stored.

Q. Where is Binder User Data stored?

A. Currently Binder is only available in Australia and User Data stored in Binder is located wholly on servers hosted within Australia.


Q. Will that change?

A. Binder will be providing its service in other regions. You will, at the time of registering your account, be able to select where you wish your data to be located.


Q. What do I have to do if I would like to select another location for my data to be stored?

A. If you wish to have data stored in another available Binder location you must register an Binder account with a different jurisdiction or location selected. Binder will store your data at the nominated location and will also have the backup data storage located in the same country/jurisdiction.


Q. What will influence my choice of location?

A. Your choice of location may be influenced by a number of factors such as Privacy Laws, legal compliance, client requirements, business needs or to optimize for latency.


Q. Will Binder ever move my data out of my selected location? 

A. Anything stored in a particular location will never leave that location through any action by Binder. It is possible for User Data to be transferred out of a selected location through the user granting access privileges to a person or entity outside the selected location. It is then possible for that person, using the granted access privileges, to transmit User Data to another location.


Q. What is included in the term, "User Data"?

A. The term User Data has the same meaning as that term in the Privacy Policy:

"'User Data' means the information about or relating to any User, the use of the Binder Services by a User, the content of all documents and media in any form or format, all information, data, code, files or folders that may be accessed, stored, sent, received, edited, synchronised, shared, or in any way managed, by or through the Binder Services however accessed"