Secure information Exchange

Backup your computer

Automatically backup your work into Binder. We can backup your servers, desktops and laptops. Never have to worry about problems with your server or laptop. Our unique technologies protect against ransomware. Access your backed-up files when and where you need them.


Data is safe in Binder. Built-in redundancy means that the probability of losing a file is practically zero. Our data storage service supports 99.9% up-time.

controlled access

We make it easy to create workgroups and deal rooms. We take the pain out of sending files with anyone inside or outside your organisation.

Send and share securely

Binder uses encrypted channels to send and share files. our files cannot be accessed or tampered with along the way.

Send extra-large files

Using our QuickLinks features you can easily send big files which would never make it through the email network.

Deal Rooms

Create deal rooms and make it easy for teams to access and work on their files.


Features like check in / check out, version history and automated notifications, make it easy to work collaboratively.


Track who is working on which document. Everyone can always work with the most current version of a document, so no more conversations like "Are you working on Tuesday's version or Thursday's version?"

Version Control

We make sure you always have the latest version of your files. We let you know when updates occur.


We keep you informed about what's going on with your information. If someone works on a file, we can let you know.


We back up accross multiple data centres. We keep your data encrypted and we keep an audit trail for you so you know who, when and what was accessed.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication protects you agaisnt stolen passwords, hijacking and malicious attacks. Codes generated by your smartphone protect your files against unauthorised access.


Role-based permissions

As you business grows, so do the rules around who has access to what. Binder grows with you. Use role-based permissions to create working groups and access levels which match your business rules.

Access Logs

Binder keeps track of who accesses what information and when. We keep this information for you for as long as you require.

Anywhere, Anyhow

Your data is available 24/7, wherever you are in the world, on whatever device you have around.

Build by experts, used by everyone

We bring enterprise features within the reach of everyone. No IT skills required- you can be up-and-going within minutes.


Manage and view your documents and files from anywhere, across multiple devices. You can access Binder straight from your web browser on any device.


Nominate Storage Location

You have complete control over where your files are stored. Own your data.


We know how important your branding is to you, so we let all customers add their own logos, colours and branding in whatever way they would like.